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PGA HQ staff will be operating remotely effective Monday; while Valhalla and PGA Golf Club remain open to the public.  We also provided a set of common-sense recommendations for consideration by operators.  We have committed to keeping PGA Professionals up-to-date through “Five Things to Know” and on a regular basis. From an MSR and education perspective, please note the following:

  • MSR Cycle – Extend the MSR cycle deadline from June 15, 2021 to June 15, 2022, for all Members.  This is due to a number of MSR activity opportunities – meetings, education, tournaments, player development – that could be postponed or canceled. Additionally, this relieves pressure on Sections and Members to conduct or take part in these activities during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.
  • Acceptable Progress – Extend the Acceptable Progress deadlines of all PGA Associates by one year.  As travel to the PGA Education Center is currently curtailed, PGA Education staff is exploring online opportunities.  With uncertainty of testing sites remaining open, this provides flexibility with regard to Associates meeting their deadlines.
  • PGA Golf Management University Students – 14 of our 18 GMU’s have currently cancelled classes and have moved to online delivery.  PGA Education Staff will work with the universities directly in regard to needed accommodations within the Criteria and Standards.
  • PGA Associates – We have cancelled pending seminars at Port St. Lucie through April.  81 individuals were impacted and we are refunding everyone’s registration fee and charging them back at a discounted rate.  The team is looking into online options that could be adopted in the future. Teaching & coaching and Executive Management is offered on a quarterly basis and therefore have not been impacted.

At this time, we are working closely with state and local public health and government officials in Texas, California and Michigan regarding the playing of our three upcoming events:  The PPC, PGA Championship and KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.  With the PGA Tour canceling The Players Championship and its next three events; the LPGA cancelling four events; and Augusta National postponing the Masters, we will be asked many questions about the status of our events.

We will continue to evaluate the status of each event every two weeks and provide further updates when available.  Our hope is that the situation will improve, and once cleared by public health authorities, our events could be a welcome “return to normal.”  That said, the health and well-being of all involved is our first priority and mandates from public health authorities will guide our decisions.

As noted above, we have asked all PGA HQ staff to work remotely for the foreseeable future in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our team.  We would recommend that all PGA Sections follow our lead in this area. The TSPGA has begun providing the option for staff to work remotely.  We have stressed to our staff how important it is that we continue to operate at an extremely high level to serve our Members and Sections during this period. The TSPGA will remain in daily contact with the PGA of America and Section Business Operations for any updates and changes.

In addition, we have put a travel ban in effect both internationally and domestically. As has the TSPGA.  For at least the next four weeks, we also recommend that you postpone any group gatherings you are planning to host. At this time we have cancelled, or postponed, Section activities through April 1st. We will review on a daily basis if a change is needed.

PGA Member Assistance Program
People are understandably concerned about their health, jobs and future. During these unprecedented times, the PGA Member Assistance Program provides confidential, professional counseling and online services for a wide array of personal and well-being concerns.  We encourage you to remind your fellow Members they can seek help at In addition, online guidance on preventive health and safety measures we can all take are available from the CDC.

This situation is evolving in real-time and we all  need to help be a part of the solution and then a big part of the recovery.  Our sport is incredibly well positioned to do that as we have in our society in many other times of need.  Let’s keep very open lines of communication as this situation continues to evolve.

Don’t hesitate to contact any one of us at the Section. Our direct phone line numbers are posted with our staff photo on If we are not in the office at the time of your call, leave a voice message and that message will be transferred through our email system.



Governor Tom Wolf announced the reopening of golf courses in the state of PA effective May 1, 2020. For best practices of reopening please click the link below to be redirected to the PGA of Americas best practices website. Also to see the full press release from Gov. Wolf please click the link below.

PGA of America Best Practices

Governor Wolf Press Release



UPDATE: Golf Facilities in Pennsylvania
Should Remain Closed for Play

The Tri State PGA Section as well as the Philadelphia PGA Section have received updates from Pennsylvania state legislators and officials in regard to how golf facilities are affected by executive action from the state governor in efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Pennsylvania: Courses should remain closed for all play until further notice; enforcement begins on Monday, March 23 at 8:00 a.m. Golf facilities may still continue to seek waivers from the state by emailing

The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) has confirmed that landscaping (e.g. facility / course maintenance) has been included under “essential services,” meaning superintendents may continue maintaining the grounds at this time.

The above information from the DCED is subject to change as the situation evolves. If PGA Members or Associates have specific questions, contact the DCED directly at or call 1-877-PA-Health and select option No. 1.

As a reminder, Governor Tom Wolf’s prohibition does not apply to virtual or telework operations. Full-service restaurants and limited-service eating places may continue to operate for takeout only.

Note: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve on an hourly basis, information and guidance is disseminated just as frequent, which can make staying on top of everything, including governmental guidance, difficult. As always, the Tri State PGA Section will update its membership when new information becomes available.

Contact: David Wright, Tri State PGA Section,


Dear TSPGA Members and Associates,

The rapid spread and still-unknown threat of COVID-19 find us in the middle of uncertain and extraordinary times. Having considered all the available information and in following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local/state health department officials, the Section is electing to act with an abundance of caution with three main goals driving our decisions:

  • Caring for the health of our professionals, their staff and members
  • Preventing the virus from infiltrating our facilities and gatherings
  • Contributing to public health efforts to stem the spread of this virus throughout our golf communities

In our view, these extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary actions. Across the country, announcements are being made of closures, cancellations, postponements, and other disruptions to plans and life. Each of these disruptions are bound to cause an array of frustrations, inconveniences and sacrifices, all in the name of helping to curb this public health crisis. We are fully aware that the Section’s own changes will have similar effects on our professionals and their families; we ask for your patience and understanding as we venture through this together.

As such, the Section will cancel all Section events through March at which time we will revisit and evaluate current circumstances. The Section will provide, at the very least, weekly updates. All operations and services will continue as normal, and we will maintain consistent levels of service. Please stay tuned.

On behalf of your Officers John, Bernie, and Dan