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Today is January 25, 2015
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Sunday January 25 08:24pm EST
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Welcome to the Tri-State Section PGA Website

Scroll down for more information....

Go to PGAlinks.com
Type in your User Name and password and sign in

Click the Education Link
Click Continuing Education

There are 10 videos that you can watch
Click Complimentary PGA Education MSR

PGA members can receive one (1) to two (2)
PGA Education MSR Credits
by watching a video from the list and
taking an assessment
at the conclusion of the video.

MSR credit may be earned only one time
for each online (video) MSR course.
In order to earn MSR credit,
you must score a 70% or higher
on the assessment. If you do not score
70% or higher, you will be allowed
one (1) re-take opportunity.
You will be directed to the assessment
when the video concludes.

The MSR (Member Service Requirement)
Cycle 14A began June 16, 2011
and goes thru June 15, 2015.
All PGA members must accumulate
a total of 54 credits. Of these credits,
36 must be earned by attending PGA meetings,
PGA Education or Golf 2.0/Player Development. 
Failure to satisfy all requirements by June 15, 2015
will result in the member being transferred to
Class F as of July 1, 2015.




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