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Policies & Forms


  • All TSPGA Professional entrants must be eligible members in good standing or be an Associate that has successfully completed PGM Level 1 and is in good standing in the Tri-State Section PGA.
  • Associates that have successfully completed PGM Level 1 and are in good standing may participate in ALL events for which they are eligible. Apprentices NOT YET completing PGM Level 1 and are in good standing are permitted to play in events designated by the tournament committee.
  • Associates that have completed PGM Level 1 and are in good standing may play in ALL of the following tournaments listed below:
  • Associates that have NOT YET completed PGM Level 1 and are in good standing may play in the events highlighted in BOLD on a space available basis ONLY:



27 Hole Scramble Pro- 3Am Valley Brook Country Club
West Virginia Spring Pro- 3Am Day 1 Pete Dye Golf Club
West Virginia Spring Pro- 3Am Day 2 Pete Dye Golf Club
Dr. John Aber Memorial Golf Classic Allegheny Country Club
Pro-3 Am Green Oaks Country Club
Pro-Pro Championship Avalon Field Club @ New Castle
E-Z-GO Tri-State Open Williams Golf & Country Club
Tam O’Shanter Open Tam O’Shanter Golf Course
Latrobe Country Club Classic Pro-3 Am Latrobe Country Club
Falling Rock Classic Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Pittsburgh Open South Hills CC
Links Brewing Company Stableford Championship Lone Pine CC
Match Play Championship Southpointe Golf Club
Cranberry Highlands Open Cranberry Highlands GC
Pro-3 Am  Williams Golf & Country Club
Club Car Head Pro / Assistant Pro Championship Allegheny CC
DSG Women’s Team Championship Nemacolin CC
Butler County Pro-Am Fall Golf Classic Slippery Rock Golf Club, Butler CC & Cranberry Highlands GC
27 Hole Scramble St. Clair Country Club
*TSPGA Las Vegas Pro-Am Paiute Golf Resort

*Open to all TSPGA Members and Associates
**All Associates Eligibility is determined by the TSPGA Tournament Committee**

Play is governed by the Rules of Golf effective January 2019, and where applicable, by the following Local Rules and Terms of the Competition highlighted in the Section “Hard Card” below.

2021 Tri-State PGA Section Hard Card



Rules of Conduct

Section 1. Policy

Section Members, Associates, and non-Section competitors should be aware at all times to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the high standards of the Section. Members and Associates should influence all amateur partners to abide by the same standards. By signing an official entry form, registering online, or verbally committing to compete, all competitors agree to abide by the prescribed Rules of Conduct of the Section.

Comments or complaints concerning the tournament program shall be made in writing to the Tournament Committee.


Section 2. Violations

All competitors shall be deemed to have violated the Rules of Conduct by:

A) Displaying disrespect for the Tournament Committee or the staffs of the PGA or Section.

B) Disrespecting the traditional etiquette of golf.

C) Using loud, profane, and/or abusive language in public.

D) Making public complaints or criticisms involving the PGA or Section staff, sponsors, host clubs, golf courses, or the tournament format.

E) Throwing or breaking a club in a manner of anger or disgust.

Penalty (for violations ‘a’ through ‘e’):

First offense: A fine of $100.00 and/or suspension of playing privileges not to exceed six (6) months.

Second offense and future violations: A fine of $200.00 and a minimum suspension of playing privileges not to exceed one (1) year.

F) Dispensing or consuming any alcoholic beverages on the golf course during a tournament or official practice round.

NOTE: On the golf course is defined as from tee time until the scorecard is turned in upon completion of the round including any subsequent playoff.

Penalty (for violation ‘f’):

First offense: Immediate withdrawal and no refund of the entry fee which shall include a fine of $100.00 and a suspension of playing privileges for three (3) months.

Second offense: Immediate withdrawal and no refund of the entry fee which shall include a fine of $200.00 and a suspension of playing privileges for one (1) year.

G) Competing in an unsanctioned event or an event without “Approved” status. Each Member of the Section is personally responsible for knowing if an event has Section sanction or approval.

Penalty (for violation ‘g’): A fine of $100.00 and a suspension of playing privileges for six (6) months.

H) Knowingly entering a TSPGA event for which the Member or Associate is not eligible.

Penalty (for violation ‘h’):

First offense: A fine of $100.00.

Second offense: a fine of $200.00 and a suspension of playing privileges for six (6) months.

I) Knowingly signing for an incorrect score either as the competitor or the marker or otherwise cheating in a golf tournament.

J) Displaying conduct unbecoming of a PGA Professional.

Penalty (for violations ‘i’ and ‘j’):

First offense: A fine of $250.00 and a suspension of playing privileges of two (2) years.

Second offense: A lifetime suspension of playing privileges.

Section 3. Disciplinary Action

Competitors who violate the TSPGA Tournament Rules of Conduct of the TSPGA Tournament Rules and Regulations shall be subject to disciplinary action as defined and/or by action of a two-thirds majority vote of the Sections Tournament Committee present at the scheduled meeting. The Tournament Director, the Executive Director, and/or the Official in charge must inform the Tournament Committee Chairman of all violations and have the authority to act as deemed necessary in accordance with these violations.

All Members or Associates accused of violating the Tournament Rules of Conduct shall have the right to appear at all hearings, present evidence, and have witnesses appear on their behalf. Procedures for Tournament Rules of Conduct Violations are as follows:

A) Individuals accused of violations shall be provided written notification of the charges and the time and place of all hearings (Tournament Committee meetings) by personal delivery or certified mail.

B) The individual may request up to thirty (30) days to respond to the alleged violations before any hearings are held.

C) All decisions shall be provided to the accused in writing either by personal delivery or certified mail.

D) Individuals accused of violation(s) ‘a’ through ‘j’, if offered, may sign an Admission of Guilt and waive the right to a hearing. It is the option of the Executive Director, the Tournament Director, and Tournament Committee Chairman to offer an Admission of Guilt.

E) Suspensions may carry over to the following year; however, the number of violations does not.

F) Due to the severity of any violation or conduct unbecoming a PGA Professional, the Executive Director, Tournament Director, and the Tournament Committee Chairman may recommend that any violation be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for assessment, increase or decrease, and the ratification of any penalties.

Section 4. Appeals of Disciplinary Action

A) Members and Associates accused of disciplinary violations may appeal to the Section Secretary within thirty (30) days of receipt of written notification and will be considered filed by the posting or hand delivery of written notice to appeal. A copy will be sent to the Section office. The Officers may overrule the decision of the Section’s Tournament Committee by a two-thirds vote of the Section Officers.

B) Members and Associates may appeal decisions of their Officers to the Section Board of Directors, which may overrule the action of the Section Officers by a two-thirds majority of the Section Board of Directors present and voting at the meeting. The Section Officers and Tournament Committee members who may be on the Board shall not vote at the appeal. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

C) Any appeals are not to be de novo and are to be based solely on the record of the initial hearing before the Tournament Committee.

D) All disciplinary action shall be held in abeyance during any appeal pending a final decision.

Section 5. Referral to Ethics Committee or Section Officers

A) The Section Tournament Committee may refer a case to the Section Ethics Committee or the Section Officers as deemed appropriate.



In the event a professional has entered a tournament by previously submitting his/her entry, and for some reason, (other than a personal emergency) cannot participate, NO REFUND will be issued if notification to the section office is made after the event pairings have been “posted.” Any professional who fails to notify the TSPGA in advance of not showing for an event will automatically forfeit his/her entry fee. The following formula will be used to make entry fee refunds: The full amount of the entry fee minus a $25.00 transaction fee will be refunded.


Any professional that cancels 7 or more days prior to a Pro-Am that professional will incur a $50.00 cancellation fee. Any professional that cancels within 7 days of the event date – the cancellation fee will be 50% of the Pro-Am event entry fee. If the tournament spot is filled off the waitlist, the professional will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee.



To be eligible to participate in a Pro-Scratch Amateur Event, an amateur MUST be invited by an eligible TSPGA Member or Apprentice in Good Standing.


To be eligible to participate in a handicapped Pro-Am Event, an amateur MUST:

  1. Be invited by an eligible TSPGA Member or Apprentice
  2. Possess a current USGA Handicap Index, proof of which must be presented at the tournament site.

This regulation pertains to Pro-3 Amateur events and does not include the Las Vegas Pro-Am.

Once a team wins a TSPGA Pro-3 Amateur, the professional is only permitted to bring back as playing partners two (2) of the original winning team members for future Pro-3 Am events.Once an amateur has won twice with the same professional playing parter, he is NOT permitted to play with that professional, as an amateur player, for the remainder of the calendar tournament season.

Penalty for non-compliance will be disqualification and suspension from all TSPGA events for one (1) calendar year.


If a professional intends to invite an amateur(s) who is a member at a facility other than his own, the inviting professional is required to ask permission of the Head Golf Professional at the amateur’s facility before he invites that amateur(s) to play in a Pro-Am Event.

Failure to ask permission will be considered a breach of the PGA Code of Ethics. The penalty will be suspension from all TSPGA Events for one (1) calendar year.