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TSPGA Mentorship

Tri-State PGA Mentorship Program

The mission of the PGA of America Tri-State Section mentorship program is to meaningfully impact young golf professionals, not just in their careers but also in their personal development.

Mentorship helps young men and women navigate the PGA program while offering guidance and support through the struggles of being golf professionals.

Utilizing a PGA member as a mentor is encouraged, though not required, and can serve as an essential component and resource to advance your path to membership.

Feel free to contact a Tri-State PGA professional to activate mentorship.

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Bernie Hough, PGA

Bernie Hough, PGA

President / Mentorship

Phone: (724) 640-6774
Email Bernie

Christian Sheehan, PGA

Mentorship Committee Chairman
Head Golf Professional, Pittsburgh Field Club

Phone: (412) 963-7700
Email Christian

Daniel Braun, PGA

Dan Braun, PGA

VP, TSPGA/Head Golf Coach, I.U.P.

Phone: (724) 388-5250
Email Dan

john aber tri state section pga

John Aber, PGA

Head Golf Professional, Allegheny Country Club

Phone: (412) 741-7500
Email John

greg altman pga taylormade golf

Greg Altman, PGA

Western PA Manager, TaylorMade Golf Company

Phone: (412) 491-5574
Email Greg

vj victor baldini pga

VJ Baldini, PGA

General Manager, Bridgeport Country Club

Phone: (304) 842-3111
Email VJ

drew bohn, pga

Drew Bohn, PGA

Assistant Golf Professional, Allegheny Country Club

Phone: (412) 741-7500
Email Drew

bob ford pga of america

Bob Ford, PGA

Life Member

Phone: (412) 370-7195
Email Bob

Devin Gee, PGA

Devin Gee, PGA

Head Golf Professional, Oakmont Country Club

Phone: (412) 828-4653
Email Devin

John Klinchock, PGA

John Klinchock, PGA

Head Golf Professional, Sunnehanna Country Club

Phone: (814) 255-3106
Email John

brian klocek pga tristate

Brian Klocek, PGA

Head Golf Professional, Totteridge Golf Course

Phone: (724) 837-6700
Email Brian

mike papson, pga

Mike Papson, PGA

Head Golf Professional, Valley Brook Country Club

Phone: (724) 820-1273
Email Mike

david dy yokitis pga

David Yokitis, PGA

Head Golf Professional, Wildwood Golf Club

Phone: (412) 486-4300
Email David