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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The TSPGA Hall of Fame is to honor the individuals, professionals, or amateurs, as champions at a National, Statewide, or Regional level of competition or who have made significant contributions to the game of golf in the Tri-State Section PGA. For a PGA Member to be eligible for the Tri-State Section PGA Hall of Fame, one must be 50 years old and have 20 years of service as a PGA Professional.

Arnold Palmer

Frank B. Fuhrer, Jr.

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Fred Brand, Jr.

Marino Parascenzo

Fred Brand, Sr.

Bert Battell

Mike Pavella

Hartley King

Dennis J. Darak, Sr.

Lew Worsham

Bobby Cruickshank

Robert W. Murphy, Jr.

Carol Semple Thompson

Chuck Scally, Sr.

Donald W. "Doc" Giffin

Sam Parks

Perry Delvecchio

Jim Ferree

Emil Loeffler

William C. Fownes

Bob Pompeani

Frank Sluciak

Sam Snead

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Ed Stack

Ed Rack

Rich Churilla

John Darak, Sr.

Joe Taylor

John Seretti

John P. Conley

John E. Goettlicher

Joseph A. Hardy, III

Jack Kerins

Bob Yeager

Reed Clarke

Ted Luther

Ken Pizzica

John Lockley

Roy Vucinich

Michael Vucinich

John Rech, Jr.

Phil Newcamp

Bob Ford

Bob Collins

Joseph Shorto

Jim Antkiewicz

Sean Parees

Bill Kurp

Bob Meyer

John "Max" Mesing

John Mazza

John Aber

Terry George

Barry G. Evans

Mark Hessler

David Martin

Joe Boros