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Isaly’s Junior Golf Policies & Procedures

Tri-State Section PGA Junior Golf
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Policy

Proper course etiquette and sportsmanship is extremely important and will be strictly enforced. The TSPGA Staff works hard to find courses willing to host junior events. By taking care of the course, we stand a better chance of a return visit. Players are expected to behave in accordance with the rules prescribed by the TSPGA Junior Golf Tour. As a member of the Tri-State PGA Junior Tour, it is your responsibility to abide by and respect the following:

  • Players are responsible for protecting the integrity of the tour, and should refuse to sign any scorecard that he/she believes to be inaccurate and should speak to a tournament official immediately if this occurs.
  • Proper attire is required at all times at the golf facility. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. The dress code prohibits short shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, denim shorts and jeans.
  • All hats must be worn properly, collard shirts must be worn and all shirts must be tucked in. PLAYERS SHOULD BE AWARE OF THE DRESS REQUIREMENTS OF EACH EVENT IN WHICH THEY COMPETE AND DRESS ACCORDINGLY.
  • Players are required to: replace divots, repair ball marks, rake bunkers, and properly dispose of trash. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE! It is imperative to remember that we are guests of these clubs and lack of respect for the golf course will not be tolerated.
  • Players must not display unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to abusive language, cheating, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors, and throwing clubs.
  • Players must not display improper behavior on the golf course, such as physical abuse, smoking, chewing, tobacco, drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, etc.
  • Players must leave the golf course in better shape than they found it!

Players should always take time out to write a thank you note to the course/host Professional in order to be invited back.

For those who do not abide by the rules above, the following 4 strike policy has been put into effect:

  • First offense: A written letter of warning will be issued to the player and his/her parents.
  • Second offense: Disqualify the player from the tournament at which the violation occurs.
  • Third offense: Disqualify the player from the next tournament(s) for which he or she has been accepted.
  • Fourth offense: Suspend the player’s membership participation indefinitely.
  • *Please note the severity of the offense may result in stricter reprimand.


Parents Corner

Please read this thoroughly before calling the office with any questions. Hopefully, most, if not all, information you will need is right here.

It is our goal to provide our members with an experience in tournament golf that is both fun and educational. We ask that you, as their parents, help us in this endeavor and follow the guidelines set forth by our organization to ensure that our goals are met. We ask you to please make note of and abide by the following principles:

To us, every junior on the tour is the next up and coming star. Please don’t let your personal pride and goals overshadow the thrust of our efforts.

Parents and Spectators must follow the following rules:

  1. “Advice (Rule 8) is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his/her play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke.” In addition, any conversation between a player and a spectator may be construed as advice. This includes any signals, gestures or actions made by the spectator. In any of these instances, penalty for breach of the Advice Rule is two strokes. Players will be held responsible for the actions of their relatives and spectators in regards to this rule.
  2. Spectators should not give rulings. Please seek a TSPGA Jr. Official if the need arises. Spectators will only be brought into a rules situation if asked by an official.
  3. When on the course, cell phones must be turned off or silent. Please only talk on cell phones near the clubhouse or out of play where there is no chance your conversation can be heard by any player on the course.
  4. Spectators should always stay on the cart paths if available. In the absence of cart paths, spectators should walk in the rough. Please stay off fairways, tees and greens. We ask that spectators stay at least 50 yards from the players at all times and always be aware of the group behind you.
  5. For the personal safety of the spectators, we ask that you use caution at all times. When inclement weather moves into the area, the TSPGA will suspend by sounding air horns. Accordingly, spectators should seek shelter immediately. The TSPGA Staff will evacuate players from the golf course.
  6. Please encourage your player to take care of our host courses. Be sure that divots are replaced and ball marks are repaired.
  7. Spectators are allowed to carry umbrellas, water, jackets, towels and food for their player.
  8. In the event of serious or multiple breaches of these policies, the spectator may be asked to leave the facility or may not be permitted to attend another TSPGA event.

Our tour is an introduction to tournament golf for these juniors and for many it is a difficult transition from playing a regular round. It is our goal to make their first experience with tournament golf rewarding and enjoyable so they will want to continue their young careers. We hate to see any added pressure put onto our tour players and ask that you keep this in mind at all times.